frequently asked questionS

The bus is leaving on Saturday at 6.30h from Prince Louis Rwagasore Stadium (Boulevard de l'Indépendance). Make sure you are on time, since we won't wait until everyone is there. The bus has to leave at 6.30h in order to be in time for the event.

Also make sure you have done the payment for your booking today. And bring the ticket, since you need to show that before entering the bus.

After the running and hiking the bus will go to Bugarama for the buffet. This will be at 14.30h.

When we all have finished the buffet and attended the award ceremony, the bus will leave at 16.30 to go back to the stadium. Here it is possible to get out the bus at Kamenge and Gihosha.

Registration is possible until Saturday 4 June. Make sure you are on time. 

Deadline for the payment is Wednesday 8 June. Payment at Teza or Bugarama or when entering the bus is not allowed unless you have written permission from us. We don't want to be bothered by payments on the weekend itself since we will be busy with a lot of other things. If you show up without having done the payment and without informing us before, we might not allow you to enter.

Check your spam folder if you didn't receive the confirmation mail after your booking. 

If you have made a change, give us some time to process, this might take two days. It is still possible to do the payment already, if you tell the staff at Juiced that you have send an e-mail / registration to us. 

Please go to "registration" and choose "amend". Now you have the option to cancel or to change your booking.

Please use this option instead of calling, texting, telling the staff at Juiced etc. We will get hundreds of requests and this make it the most easy for us. 

We try to reimburse were possible, but we have made a lot of costs at this stage already, so we don't promise anything. Reimbursement will be done in the weeks after the event, since we the week before the event, we are already fulltime occupied with other aspects of the event.

If you have cancel we don't expect you to pay partly if you have cancelled before 5 June.

If you cancel your room last minute while you had not paid yet and we can't give it to someone else, we might ask you to pay 50% since that is what we have paid at that stage as well. 

For the buffet, shirt and bus that's the same. If you cancel after we've made the order (from 6 June onwards), we might ask you 50% compensation. 

For hiking or running this is not needed.

For coming on Friday and/or leaving on Sunday there are two options:

  • Come by car or get a ride from someone else. The week before the event we will try to match people that have seats available to people that need a ride. 
  • Use Wasili, we have an agreement with them that you can get a ride. This is for max. 4 persons per car. To see how to reach them and the cost, see our social media channels and we will put the details here later as well. 

If you want to do a combination of bus and car, that's fine. No need to inform us.

The bus is only Saturday, so if you want to sleep over, you should arrange transport for either the Friday or the Sunday.

These are the costs:

  • A participation fee for the hike or run: 15.000 FBu.
  • Participating in the bike ride on Sunday is free of charge.
  • T-shirt: 25.000 FBu.
  • Bus ticket (retour): 10.000 FBu
  • Hotel: 50.000 FBu per room per night
  • Buffet on Saturday: 20.000 FBu.

The other costs throughout the weekend are yours to cover as needed (e.g. drinks, transport by car etc., breakfast on Saturday and Sunday).

Please pay in cash at Juiced. You need to pay in the week after your registration in order to confirm your registration.

Registration is possible until one week before the event. If you have registered one week before the event, you have until the Wednesday before the event to do the payment.

So far we have not canceled booking, but we request that you pay the latest on Wednesday 8 June, since we need to do a lot of payments in the preparation phase.

No, you won't be allowed to enter the bus if you have not done the payment yet. 

Yes, the week before the event we close registration and this is the moment we will reach out to all of you to provide you with more information via WhatsApp and/or by mail. 

Try to find a place in one of the cars or in the bus. If many people will have this issue we will ask one bus to drive two times.

  • Sun screen and a cap.
  • Towel and dry socks for after the run (your shoes will get wet).
  • Raincoat (in case it will be raining after you've finished).
  • Food immediately after the run, bike or hike.
  • If you want: long jogging pants because of the vegetation.
  • Warm clothes for after the run and for the evening (it will be cold in the evening).
  • Money and all other things you need for a weekend trip.

You are welcome to order one! They cost 25 000 FBu and you will get it on the Saturday morning of the event.

As well as a great workout we have organised for you:

  • Signposted routes
  • Refreshment station with water, peanuts, chips, bananas, water melon and hydration
    sport drink provided by Juiced.
  • A lot of people to help you. 
  • Artist to have a great party on Saturday
  • Much more.

• Transportation if you don't go by bus. If you get a ride make sure you share fuel costs and a bit extra for the car.

  • If you have been in close contact or in contact for a longer period (>30 minutes) with someone who has tested positive recently, please stay away from the event.
  • If you have symptoms that can relate to COVID, please don't put others at risk and don't come to the event, unless you have done a test in the last 48h that was negative.
  • When in the car, please were a mask. 
  • Where possible please try to keep some distance (1 m) from each other to reduce risk.
  • Please don't share drinking glasses with each other.

We want everyone to leave Teza safely. We keep track of everyone who entered and who left. That's why you need to check in. 

Because we don't want to leave the place at the end of the afternoon we have a cut off time. This varies for people who hike and people who run. 

This you have to arrange yourself. We don't provide transport for this and we don't rent out bikes either. 
For sure quite some cars will drive from Bugarama, it's likely that there is extra place for one bike and one person, but we don't guarantee. 

That's great. We are happy to have more sponsors. We accept payment but also providing services as long as these services are useful for the event. Please reach out to us via [email protected] if you want to have more information about the costs and how we will promote your brand.

No you can't, we have booked all the rooms.

That's because we take the risk on us of not be fully booked out and we make a lot of general costs that needs to be covered by this. Like driving up to Teza 5 times, promotion material, renting toilets, electronic materials for the party, payment of the doctors, police, army, rangers, make sure we can give something to our volunteers etc. etc. 

Sure, just reach out to us and we will send them.

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