Our accommodation selection

If you are planning to stay overnight for the Saturday party, this year we are not managing the booking for any hotel. 

To ease your accommodation, below is a list of hotel 

Should you need to organize any arrangements, ask your friends and family of any owned property you can rent during the week-end. (We surely know someone who know someone who come from Muramvya or has a house there).

Please be aware that we organize a party on Saturday night at Kibira Park Lodge. 

Please try to share rooms where possible, since most likely accommodations will be fully booked.

In case accommodations are fully booked and you don’t have a room yet, some places allow you to put a tent in their garden



Only for the organizing committee

options for hotels

Many accommodations options exist in the area. They are not arranged by us!!!

  • Green Park Hotel: Located in Bugarama next to the Kibira Lodge Hotel. The hotel number is 62102218
  • Teza Mount Residency: Located in Bugarama, about 1km south of Kibira Lodge Hotel. You can reserve by calling Eric at 62661959 and mentioning TezaTrails.
  • Baze Lodge: Located in Muramvya, about 14km east of Bugarama. You can reserve by calling 79901144 or Yves 69099371 or Yvette 79965225
  • Chalet la Concorde: Located in Muramvya as well. Reserve by contacting Claude at 79568638.
  • Banga Muzuga Guesthouse: Located 30 km north of Bugurama. Nice and clean guest house in a beautiful setting and you can ask for a bucket of warm water. You can reserve by calling Salvatore at 68516466 (backup: 77090901). But be aware that it’s a long drive and it would only make sense if you are going toward Kayanza the day after or when you want to have a calm Sunday at a nice place. 
  • There are some other options in Muramvya (Au bois Fleuri, Panorama, Hotel NDAVA). We don’t have contact details. m