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why should you join?

We really enjoyed having you during all the Teza Trails past events 2021, 2022 and 2023.  We hope you have enjoyed it as well! This year we are organizing it on  1 and 2 June 2024 and guess what?! Bike is back! We have a packed, but even better program for you! 

  • We will keep the same route as last year with an exciting extra but optional route: the sacred waterfalls. This year you can run, bike and hike through the tea fields and Kibira National Park on Saturday.
  • We will finish the day with a great party.
  • We will provide information about transportation soon.  

Our goal: To have fun and enjoy the outdoors together. Join in and explore Burundi with us! 

tickets available this year
Loops, plus extra sacred falls this year..


This is what we have planned for you:




Registration and warming up with Get Fit

Please don't come last minute because of parking, changing clothes (it might be cold), registration, check in etc. It will be busy. The warming up will be done by Lionel from Get Fit.

Briefing by the organisation

Not the most exciting, but necessary because of safety. We will keep it short.

Start of the hike and run

Start of the run and hike (all distances)


Finish, enjoy. Have a sport drink from Juiced and cheer for the other participants

Back to the Hotel

Depart to Kibira Park Lodge for the buffet


Buffet at Kibira Park Lodge. For everyone that has booked this via us in advance.

Have a drink & party

Relax in the garden of Kibira Park Lodge. Meet new people. And enjoy the party!





Have breakfast. Order from the menu.


Zumba to finish the weekend in a nice way. Enjoy!


where do we start:

The start and finish is at Teza, just after the small village and before the Teza tea factory: 

Link to start and finish location in Google Maps

From the tarmac Google Maps doesn’t show the most easy route. Take the shortest route instead (it will be indicated as well). It’s off road, but any car can get there. If anyone asks just let them know you are with the Teza Trails group. We also have people that will watch our cars and they will be paid by us, so please don’t pay anyone there unless you’re buying something.

THE LOOPS for Saturday - hike or run:

We’ve created three different loops all on dirt roads or trails. You can do:

Be aware that there will be police, military, park rangers and doctors on the spot. They are all arranged via us and they are there to help us. Besides this we are in close contact with local authorities, OTB and OBPE.  

This event is a hike/run and not a race, so it’s not about time. We have indicated areas with red flags where we only allow you to walk in order to detect a log bridge or because the trail is wet. Our main consideration is having everyone back without serious injury.

Please be aware that it’s a trail run, hike or bike. At some parts vegetation will be high or at other parts it will be rocky or the route will be wet. Your shoes may get wet and if you wear shorts, you risk crossing the finish line with some scratches. You are all taking part at your own responsibility.

We will have multiple start waves in order to spread the participants a bit. Runeers start first and at the same time.

The route is above 2000 masl with 380 m elevation gain (11.5 km route), 580 m elevation gain (18 km route) or 780 m elevation gain (24 km route), depending on the loops you take.  

You can do any combination of loops or take cut offs as you prefer. No need to inform us. 

We will have cutoff times for both hiking and running. We do this in order to give all volunteers the chance to enjoy the buffet as well. If you are hiking, the maximum distance is 18 km. 

  • Cut off time for starting another loop hiking: 13:15h (normally you should be able to do two loops)
  • Cut off time for starting a new loop running: 13:45h (normally you should be able to do three loops)

We’ve signposted the routes (putting a marker at least every 500 meters) and we have volunteers at crucial points, but we can’t guarantee that people won’t remove one of the markers or that you miss one. So please pay attention or there is a chance that you may end up off track.

You can download the maps before via which will help you if you get lost. It’s wise to have a print screen of the routes on your phone. We will send this to everyone. If you don’t have your phone with you, ask for “usine de thé” and people will help you. The finish is close to the factory. 

The GPX-files are available on request. And is a great app to use for navigating in Burundi! 

Please note: Loop 1 goes through Kibira National Park.We add a short loop to see beautiful waterfalls. Be aware that it is optional and might require extra time. Some people are not allowed to enter the forest due to safety measures from their organization. If this applies to you or you don’t want to go into the forest, you can start with loop 2 or 3.


Participation fees

15 000 FBU

kids between 9 – 12 years kids.   Rate includes park entry and lunch

25 000 FBU

13 years and above. Rate includes park entry and not lunch

50 000 FBU

13 years and above. Rate includes park entry and lunch

70 000 FBU

rate includes Park entry , lunch and sponsor to the event

Ticket Teza Trails


Booking payment deadline
26 May 2024

Payments can be made at Juiced and Waka Waka


25 000 fbu

Pick-up at the event

Available Colors:

green and white